Just, October 8-9

Sadie, 2009*


A Wormhole collaboration with Zoetic Dance Ensemble** and Scott Runkel. Dances about the quest of being us.

Just is an album of work by dance artists Matt Kent, Beth Lewis, Amanda Thompson, Melanie Lynch-Blanchard, and visual artist and designer Scott Runkel. The collaboration is a performance about the quest to be us.

Last season Wormhole initiated the Wormhole Project and brought noted choreographer, Pilobolus co-founder, and Apogee Arts aristic director, Alison Chase to Atlanta to work with four Atlanta area dance companies and choreographers. After working with Zoetic through the Wormhole Project, Wormhole brings Zoetic Dance Ensemble and Scott Runkel together to explore the journey to be human in Wormhole's first production.

Wormhole director Matt Kent, “Having worked as a professional dancer for 14 years, 7 as a freelance performer, choreographer and director, my work is rarely realized in Atlanta. As a native resident, I amthrilled to collaborate with some of the talented and creative people here in Atlanta on a production here in town. Wormhole is providing an opportunity to work at a level ofconsidered and artful collaboration I usually have to leave town to experience.”

“When Matt, Melanie, and I were talking about the work to be performed, it became evident that the work had a very strong humanness vibe?how we live, what we face each day, and how we wrestle to hold the tenuous together... or not. What immediately came to my mind was Scott Runkel's art. After a short while I realized we really needed to collaborate with Scott on this performance. His art and approach fit in perfectly with the dance work being presented”

Read more about the artists creating and performing here.

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*Sadie, 2009, Scott Runkel

**Zoetic Dance Ensemble is funded in part by the City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs

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